After reading a post on WordPress by Mr. Lee Iwan entitled “10 Things to do on a Friday afternoon,” I felt inspired and compelled to write this little post.  Mr. Iwan’s post depressed me.  On a Friday afternoon, all I want to do is get home so I can start my two days of freedom from work, worry, and stress.  (That’s the initial plan anyway.)  Mr. Iwan suggests that a Friday afternoon should be spent cleaning up your comptuer, organizing your desk at work, making lists for the following week of work, helping out co-workers.  I suppose all of this might be helpful and reasonable, but, let’s face it, it sucks.  TGIF was not made describing acts like cleaning up your desk and getting rid of extraneous files on your computer.  TGIF is a celebration of the fact that for two days I don’t have to be a slave to the job that’s paying my bills. (and of course this does not apply to those who work fulltime jobs (maybe two at time), seven days a week, because our stupid country can’t get it’s head out of it’s ass and raise the minimum wage.  I fully submit to the fact that this post applies to a certain class-level, and I am excluding other issues involving class–my bad.) Now don’t get me wrong–I love my job (so far), but I like my free time as well.  So instead of spending the beginning, middle, and end of my weekend worrying about the next week at work, I am presenting my own version of “10 Things To DO” that is more of a celebration of being able to spend two whole days doing whatever I want (that is within my budget of course).

 Also, as a another disclosure, all of these things are things I like to do, and may not be appealing to anyone else but me.

1) Go Thrifting.  Thrifts stores are perfect for college/postgrads in that you can find relatively new things for your apartment/closet for cheap prices.  Thrift stores are myriad in most areas.  I find that most Good Will stores have a good stock of items.  I’ve found designer clothes with tags still on, furniture for my house, books I’ve wanted to read at very, very, very cheap prices. 

2) Treat yourself to a nice meal.  Now, I don’t mean go out and spend all your money on a fancy dinner.  I have found that all week, I don’t get to have a meal that I get to sit down and enjoy.  While I am working, I am always eating stuff I have in my purse, or running into places and grabbing something I can scarf down quickly.  Then, when I get home in the evenings, I usually cook or throw something together.  However, on Saturdays, I see it as a chance to go to my favorite place to eat, order my favorite thing to eat (there or to go) and sit down and enjoy the fact that I didn’t have to cook it. 

3) Be a Couch Potato. For some reason, most people have the mindset that they have to “do stuff” on the weekends.  The weekend should be full of all these fun activities.  I think it is perfectly okay to take a Saturday and do absolutely nothing with it.  For instance, instead of running around all Saturday, doing this and that, just get some comfy blankets and snuggle up on your couch in front of the TV or your DVD player.   Saturday is the day which most cable channels play movies all day, so just veg out in front of the TV and watch movies all day.  If you need food, you don’t have to go out.  Just order pizza, chinese, anything that can be brough to you, so you don’t have to move:).  If you feel guilty for being lazy, make someone else be lazy with you, and it will displace some of that guilt.

4) Actually give yourself as much time as you like to be active.  During the week, I find I am always squeezing in a walk, or a run, or some time at the gym.  I like to be active, but I find that the time is not always there.  So, on Saturday give yourself an hour, two hours, whatever you like to be active.  Take a long bike ride.  Take the dogs for a long walk.  Take your time at the gym.  When you know that you don’t have to be back any time soon, it makes the workout that much better.  Now, if it is extremely hot outside, as it has been recently in D-town, then I suggest taking another look at #3.  Nasty weather is the number one excuse for being lazy.

5) Make your rounds.  During the week, we may not get to see all the people we would actually like to see during the week.  Sometimes, after I come home from work all I want to do is sit, down and relax, not be social.  So, use the weekend to see all your friends/family.  They may even have better suggestions as to what to do on a Saturday afternoon.



  1. mack Said:

    omg then fuck someone

    • Alanna Said:

      U hate it wgen people say cuse words

      • Chuck-Bob Vanilla hammer Said:

        Well… suck it up, bub. People are going to piss you off and use whatever kind of language they want to. Swearing is never going to go away. Might as well start learing how to cope with it now.

    • Jamie Said:


    • Banana Monkey Said:

      Hey the language

  2. Hollywood delays crucial vote on

    The proposed “village” calls for a 25-story luxury apartment tower off Federal Highway and Young Circle. Also planned are an

  3. Bastard 1234 Said:

    REATARDS! WHAT THE FUCK! Who the hell spends their weekend thrift shopping or getting excersize?!?!?!?!?

    • cat act Said:

      you are the retard you cant even spell, numb nuts!

      • Soaradae Said:

        You obviously aren’t all that bright either. You’re the one not using proper punctuation!

  4. paulina. Said:

    i think numbers 2 and 3 will be magnifacent for me, thanks.

    bastard 1234, your name really matches the impression.

  5. Heather Said:

    Thank you! I honestly typed into Google “things to do on a Saturday” and you were there in the top ten! Regardless of what other mindless people have said in your comment section, I think your ideas are brilliant! Would love to see what to do on a Sunday!

  6. Ron Ripple Said:

    Go Watch NASCAR! You forgot that one!

  7. cripple nipple Said:

    do fun stuff

  8. chezz777 Said:

    uhh… not sure i would spend my saturday exercising or shopping… but playing video games instead….

    • Chuck-Bob Vanilla hammer Said:

      Agreed (:

      • adam Said:

        I’m going to find you i telling you now cunt Il be sending ya to hospital icu dog you dead person cunt ya dead

  9. jayde Said:

    That’s awesome, just the pick me up I needed.

  10. nickjluver Said:

    that was awsome, but what if u want 2 make something, or do something inside thats not exercising or watching tv?

    • adam Said:

      Send me your address you low life dog I’m going to find you all kill ya cunt go on send your adress Il come now kill you cunt Il fuck you in the arse till you tell me you lov me ya fagettt ya all going be verry sorry Il kill ya

  11. roxas Said:

    hey this thing is so stupid and it sucks !

  12. lauren Said:

    thx! im a shopaholic and i really like shopping on saturdays 🙂 great advice! 🙂

  13. Jessika Said:

    Wow i actually didnt think people would look this up hah.but,thanks.but

  14. Kabir Said:

    All points are quite good.. Well. I really hadn’t given a deep thought on 4 until now.. very nice idea to get lost/busy in somethings for a short while……especially as a short break between TV/DVD (3) Good idea…. Thanks, Tk Care

  15. Amacisaac Said:

    Thanks for the affirmation to meander and do whatever needs to be done or caught up on, either productive or not.
    I just wrote ‘what to do on a saturday’ into google, before coming up with a slave chore list. My hubby would appreciate that not every day off needs to have a ‘to do list’ to ‘make the most of the day’…just see what happens.
    I should add though…having kids, this was suppose to be my sleep in day, and here I am wide awake planning the day at 8:22am. That’s a joy of having cute voices watching cartoons on a Sat 🙂

  16. dan Said:

    There is fuck all to do in this rip off, cold, shit, mess of a country apart from getting fucked up!

    • cba Said:

      knock a wank out

      • Caty-* Said:

        lmfao….. wth .?

    • Chuck-Bob VanillaHammer Said:

      Ah hahaaa!!! People crack me the fuck UP, dude!!!

    • adam Said:

      Send me ya adress mother fucker Il giv I fun cunt I’m come fuck u up cuntya dead

  17. rob Said:

    I fully agree with dan, I cant think of anything to do but get smashed

  18. Listen dont mind errors off my ipod im doing this go have fun, talk to your friends im a freshman in high school repping that florida but all u need is a bumch of gopsd friends to have fun go grab some plastic cups get 2 24 packs and play beer pong go to the movies it is a shame that you older generations think “thrift” shopping is fun vuz its not go get wates go to work on monday and realize to yourself that last weekend was a lot of fun and do it again next weekend dont spend ur yime thrift shopping and eating what is the loint of life if u have no fun if the after life is the endvhavee fun on the jpurney thanks for nothing hit me up at pnogangsta@gmail.com yo talk about shit if ur so bored for a chick go out and fuck somebody

    • Chuck-Bob VanillaHammer Said:

      You are amazing, and you just became my new favorite person.!

    • adam Said:

      I’m going to find you little boy in gobg jump all over ya face send me yaadress you all week low life dogs in telling you now you all going be sorry Il find ya cunt

  19. mattso Said:

    this is fucking bulshit fuck you why not just go fuck somebody

    • adam Said:

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  20. a pretty girl like me Said:

    i need sum ting 2 do man dis world is mad an borin

  21. Victoria Said:

    This was great! I recently got out of college for the summer and I have nothing to do. Jobs are scarce and I have applied everywhere. I kind of feel useless since I’m used to having a job during the day. But what does a girl do when all her friends are out of town for the weekend and she is stuck at home???

  22. jocelyn Said:

    this dose not work at all! i would of
    did somthing differant because what if you coulnt go any where to day! you should give ideas about both!

  23. Marcus Said:

    drink like theres no tomoroow!

  24. Candace Said:

    I’m not sure what is wrong with half of the people who left comments. “FUCK SOMEONE” or “GET FUCKED UP” with typological errors throughout, not to mention those who say that this post is “REATARTED!!!” Grow up, please. And learn some proper grammar while you’re at it. Thanks!

    As for your post, I think you offer some great suggestions! This was the first article that came up when I googled things to do on a Saturday, and you’ve given me quite a few ideas. As a college student, I don’t have a lot of money to throw around and I appreciate your money-conscious suggestions. Good article!

    • adam Said:

      Send me ya adress slutil but ya hands off slut you all gong to be verry sorry when I get my hands on ya go send ya adress Il be there n ten minuses Il kill ya slutt

  25. tim Said:

    dumb people! even the sassy bitches are as follows, dumb, just a bit ignorant, and from the south.

  26. katie Said:

    i did not find what i needed

  27. Anonymous Said:

    no offense, but u dont sound very “inspired”.
    I didnt find what I needed, but Great Job!

  28. this one girl Said:

    okay, most of you are just being really big jerks.
    if you didnt like it, go and make your own god damn website!!
    dont sit here, wasting your time writing a bad comment,
    cuz its just a wast of time for everyone else who likes to read the comments left.
    i personally thought they were great suggestions and am glad this was on the top 10 things that popped up:)

    ps: all of you that said “fuck someone” or suggested drinking or playing drinking games, you really need to get a life.
    find some REAL hobbies that normal people would like to do.

    • mikelle11 Said:

      i fully agree

    • Chuck-Bob VanillaHammer Said:

      1) Stop sticking up for someone who you have no idea who it is. For all you know, this could be some rapist who made this website or some shit.
      2) I LOVE drinking, AND fucking, so YOU can get a life, because I think that the comments were more helpful then the actual website itself.
      3) I am a “normal” person, and i DO have “normal” hobbies. So, thanks for pointing that out. (:

      • adam Said:

        I’m going to kill you cunt send me you fucking adress now I’m gong to cut your face of cunt ya dead Il find you ya fu king dead

  29. Rachel Mcclimonds Said:

    I actually find thrift shopping really refreshing and inspiring!! Thanks for some really wonderful advice

    this saturday is going to be AWSOME!!!!!

  30. nobs Said:

    you are all fucking retards and losers for writng on this lame thing. get a life

    • cat act Said:

      then why are you writing on it? ass!

      • Caty-* Said:


    • adam Said:

      Send me ya adress I. Going to kill you alll ya dogs ya don’t no who I am Il be seeing you all verry soon ya peace of shot low life dog ya dead person walking ya dead

  31. hot cheak Said:

    you could play clean up your room the rest of the day

  32. FBGM202 Said:

    Fuck Bitches Get MOENY

    • Caty-* Said:

      why dont you.?

    • Chuck-Bob VanillaHammer Said:


      • adam Said:

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    • adam Said:

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  33. watagatapitusberry Said:

    who in the world does these things if someone wants to find something good to do please write something good……..
    i want to have fun be wild, NOT CLEAN!!!WTF.. well this is my perspective i just like having fun and making something out of it!!(:

    • shyshy Said:


    • Caty-* Said:

      i dont give two fucks where the hell you are ! get the fuck off here if ur in miami …. stupid trick.

      • adam Said:

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  34. thats-what-she- Said:

    that’s nice *rolls eyes* =\

  35. thats-what-she- Said:

    omgee u fucking whore i wanna use my time not waste it..why dont u suck my vag..that’ll give us both something to do..=\

    • Chuck-Bob VanillaHammer Said:

      And then once you’re done sucking THAT mess… You can give ME good brain. Thanks. (:

      • adam Said:

        When I fi d you dog Il kill u

      • adam Said:

        I’m going to make a mess of you cunt you be verry sorry Il be seeing u your a dead person in gong make a mess of you in a big way I keep my word and I’m about ready start you off firts on my bit papier u gong have nothing left Il take ya life u wait I find ya bug

  36. Katie Said:

    Hey Ron Ripple,
    who watches Nascar. formula 1 is way better

  37. me and the wife Said:

    Just screwing around I found this post looking for ideas and have really enjoyed reading aloud all of you posts to my wife and have had at least tenty minutes of fun laughing our asses off. Thanks for giving us something to do!! you stupid fucking retarded vag licking jobless old pieces of bitch fucking shit!……… did I miss anyone?

    • a fan of you and the wife Said:

      I wasn’t amused with the vulgarity and lack of communication skills and idiocy until I got to your post. I was going down the whole, “what’s wrong with this country and why don’t these people know how to think for themselves and what happened to our educational system that they could think their comments were valid and relevant?” road, and then read your comment. I laugh every time I read it. Thanks!

  38. will Said:


  39. shyshy Said:

    hey nice ty for gettin me to do so

  40. Sandi Said:

    Yes, their grammar and spelling are outrageous, but what I find even more obviously funny is the fact that they quite obviously had nothing better to do than google this site, read it, then spend further time posting their comments. Seems we’re all in the same boat once in a while…bored on a Saturday!! 🙂

  41. Diana Said:

    I Love all ideas…. Actually Im already hanging out w my hubby & daughter… and watching tv…. But I been up since 7am. Laundry it’s done. Gym it’s done & nice meal @ Friday’s it’s done ;0)

  42. Alanna Said:


  43. ian curtin Said:

    I like your idea’s, they don’t all suit me but it is refreshing to hear that sitting in watching a movie is not considered a waste of time as when I get the chance I do enjoy an old movie in the afternoons.

  44. poopants Said:

    on saturdays i like to eat poop and drink pee. it is surprisingly good

  45. Irma Aguilar Said:

    Boring a couch potato be spontanous cmon :\

  46. DALA Said:


  47. blah Said:

    i like number 3 it suits me perfectly im a really lazy person so yea 🙂 !!!!!!!!!and my favourite food is chinese !!!!…xxxxx

  48. amanda Said:

    Hey you are really smart:)

  49. ilovejesus! Said:

    please stop swearing!! As for this site… great ideas. Also go out side with a book, that’s what I do.

  50. Saniyak Said:

    Just do whatever things that you feel like doing. Don’t need to ask for suggestion what…. Haiyyooooioioi…….

  51. okay nice suggestions but u could do sum more than just 5 suggestions really and p.s. fucking ppl is not the way 2 have fun 4 all ppl u assholes who wrote that

  52. 02340234 Said:

    im a 14 teen year old boy need someone to hang out this weekend lol or ima kill myself lol jk

  53. mike hunt Said:

    i like shaving sheep, fucking zebra’s, licking unicorns pussies, and cupping my farts and eating them

    The Surface of Things” was indeed a relatively nice posting, .
    Continue composing and I’m going to continue browsing! Thanks a lot ,Caroline

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    I’ve read this post and if I could I want to suggest you some attention-grabbing things or suggestions.
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  56. eruptionista Said:

    I enjoyed the article. The rest of you are all weird

  57. adam Said:

    I’m going to have fun jumping on ya face you low life giv me your address you can not hide all you dogs are dead

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